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The Best Time to Power Wash a House

House Washing Baltimore MD

For 20+ years, our reputable company, Baltimore Pressure Washers, has offered power washing services to residential and commercial property owners in Baltimore, MD, and the nearby areas. Power washing is one of the best ways to achieve numerous clean surfaces, especially for a home’s exterior. You can get your home clean with the help of our team, but may wonder when the best time to book the service is.

The answer is complex, as it’s ideal to clean your home’s exterior at any time during the year, with the exception of extreme temperatures. We suggest fall and spring, as winter and summer are typically unsuitable for the service.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to know if you need power washing services and the optimal time to book them. Learn more about what conditions are good for power washing, then reach out to our top-rated and friendly team.

Knowing When It’s Time to Power Wash Your Home

Many homeowners wait longer than they should to power wash their homes, leaving their exteriors with debris, dirt, and mold-covered surface. You might wait for the right time of year, but that time ranges from March to November, as long as temperatures aren’t extremely low or high.

Consider the following signs that you may need power washing services:

  • Your property hasn’t had a professional exterior cleaning in a year or longer.
  • You’re worried about declining property value or deceased curb appeal.
  • You suspect mold, mildew, algae, or water from your exterior is doing damage.
  • You’re hosting a gathering soon and want to impress your guests.

Best Time for Power Washing: Spring or Fall

Spring is an excellent time of year for power washing as the weather is optimal and good for clearing away the winter’s aftermath. Fall ties with spring for the best time of year to power wash, as it also has ideal temperatures. During fall, you can also remove any leaves and debris before they stay stuck under the snow.

Here are some vital things to know about power washing your home:

Avoid Power Washing in the Winter 

While some power washers will clean your exterior in the winter, it’s not the best time of year. Cold temperatures can make cleaning agents less effective and freeze equipment.

Avoid Power Washing in the Summer

You drain your water supply quicker when power washing in the summer, and it’s usually too hot.

Hire a Professional for the Best Results

Expert power washers in Maryland know how to get every square inch of your exterior clean. They will use a safe amount of pressure and high-quality cleaning products to get your vertical surfaces grime and debris-free.

Superior Power Washing Services in Maryland

Since 1994, Baltimore Pressure Washers has offered five-star power washing in our community and has cleaned the properties of thousands of residents. We have commercial and residential power washing services you’ll love. If you’re ready to schedule outstanding, top-rated power washing services in and around Baltimore, Maryland, call us at 443-672-5790 to discuss your needs.

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