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Graffiti Removal Baltimore MD

Premier Graffiti Removal Services in Baltimore County

Graffiti Removal Baltimore MD

There is no surefire way to prevent graffiti and vandalism completely. However, that doesn’t mean you’re entirely helpless if someone tags your property.

The good news is that if you’re the owner of a commercial business or residence looking for relief from street art, pressure washing provides a quick, effective way to remove graffiti.

If you’re looking for graffiti removal in Baltimore, MD, let the Baltimore Pressure Washers team of pressure-washing professionals restore your property’s beauty.

How Does Graffiti Removal Service Work?

Graffiti removal service is a great way to eliminate unwanted graffiti using pressure washer machinery and techniques. First, our Baltimore, MD team takes a look at the damages to determine various factors that affect the removal process, such as:

After this, we work to remove the graffiti using the state-of-the-art equipment best suited for your clean-up job. Some of the tools we use include specific pressures for pressure washing, professional cleaners, and solvents. We complete all these processes with care, ensuring your surface remains in great shape after the graffiti removal.

Materials that Affect Graffiti Removal Process

Typically, the material or surface that comprises the graffiti’s target determines the complexity of the removal process. Continue reading to explore how these different materials affect your graffiti removal in Baltimore, MD:

Wood, Brick, and Concrete Icon

Wood, Brick, and Concrete

All of these materials are porous. This means it’s easy for liquids like paint to soak into them. Generally speaking, if left for long periods, the paint reaches further and further into the surface, complicating removal. 

The removal process takes the longest on these surfaces, but it’s best to speak with a team member to determine an exact removal timeline. Be sure to call our Baltimore graffiti removal service to get your graffiti removal started as soon as possible.

Glass Icon


Another material commonly vandalized is glass windows. Again, our team handles everything from paint and surface-level scratches to etching. 

We have the materials to remove all paint quite quickly. However, the process might take longer if your glass windows have etching or scratches. If desired, our team at Baltimore Pressure Washers can frost your windows entirely for a seamless fix to acid etching damage.

Siding Icon


Siding, whether aluminum or plastic, is non-porous. This makes it less likely to absorb inks and paints and, thus, easier for our team to pressure wash quickly. You may think of tackling the project yourself, but you should bring in professionals for the best results.

Professional Grafitti Removal in Baltimore, MD

Time is of the essence when it comes to graffiti removal. As soon as you spot any unwanted art, call Baltimore Pressure Washers for expert graffiti removal in Baltimore, MD. 

We provide high-end pressure services to commercial properties and homes, offering peace of mind across the Baltimore area.

Don’t hesitate to call the premier company for top-tier graffiti removal and pressure washing services in Baltimore, MD, at (443) 672-5790 today!

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