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Things to Consider Before Choosing a Pressure Washing Company

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The perfect time for deep cleaning with power washing has come! But how do you choose reputable pressure washing for your home? Our team at Baltimore Pressure Washers will gladly walk you through a brief checklist of what you should consider before selecting professional pressure washers. 

#1 Company Reputation

Before you spend any time entertaining services from a specific company, explore their reputation. Online resources will make your research fairly easy. Glean their social media accounts, Google profiles, and other elements for the good, the bad, and the ugly. 


Testimonials and references from previous customers offer an excellent glimpse into how a professional pressure washer treats its clientele. When customers will gladly allow a company to use their personal statements, they had a great experience with their services. Any established pressure-washing company should have a plethora of public testimonials and references with whom you can speak. 

Before and After Photos

Examine the company website and social media profiles for a collection of before and after photos. These photos should demonstrate a wide range of work completed to perfection. You may also discover properties with issues similar to yours, allowing you to gauge how well the company will manage your job.  


Reviews are the ultimate litmus test for a long-standing pressure washing service provider. Make sure you check both negative and positive reviews. You’ll get an idea of how the company perfected its services and whether its team manages negative experiences or not. 

#2 Techniques and Processesses 

Once you’ve created a shortlist of candidates, ask their representatives about their techniques for power washing various surfaces. Horizontal flat surfaces require a different approach than vertical surfaces, allowing cleaning solutions and dirt to drip straight down. Paved areas perched on a hill will also require a process differing from areas of level pavement. 

#3 Type of Equipment and Cleaning Products

Request information about the company’s personal protective equipment, their fleet of power washers, and the types of cleaning solutions used on various surfaces. Some cleaning products are too harsh and can react with certain materials. Similarly, a generic power washer might lack the diverse settings or power needed to handle tough stains or stubborn debris. You want a company with a carefully chosen equipment selection to meet their customers’ changing needs.

#4 Free Quotes

Any power washing company worth its advertised value will provide new customers with free quotes. A representative should visit your property, inspect the area, and give you a service estimate. They should also be willing to answer any questions you may have about:

  • The scope of the project
  • The project itinerary 
  • Insurance information
  • Satisfaction guarantees 

Get These Things and More with Expert Pressure Washing Services

At Baltimore Pressure Washers, our team provides ample information regarding any services involving pressure cleaning. You can ask about all of the above items and more! We’ll provide you with enough information to satisfy your curiosity. Call 443-672-5790 to schedule your free estimate today! 

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