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Indicators Your Apartment Complex’s Common Outdoor Area Could Use Pressure Washing

Apartment Complex power washing Baltimore MD

If you manage an apartment complex, scheduling regular pressure washing lightens your load. But how do you know when to call in exterior cleaning and power washing companies?

Baltimore Pressure Washers explains more about the signs that you need pressure washing companies to help with roof cleaning, walkway cleaning, and more.  

When Do You Need Apartment Complex Pressure Washing?

The short answer is that you’ll do best with regular cleaning sessions. Our balmy climate is ideal for mold and mildew growth, making it wise to call us at least twice a year. Some managers have us come in for apartment complex pressure washing once a quarter. 

However, since no two complexes are the same, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Here are the signs that you need to reach out. 

The Exterior Surfaces Look Grubby

One of the first signs you need pressure washing is visible dirt or dull surfaces. You may see marks or just get the general impression that there’s a fine layer of dust over everything. 

Clearing it away makes the surface look brighter and, more importantly, extends its useful lifespan. Removing the grit and potentially caustic compounds in it limits the damage they do. 

Your tenants will feel more comfortable and enjoy living in a clean space. Moreover, you’re likely to attract a better type of tenant going forward. 

Erosion Is a Problem

Is your property on a slanted plot? If so, you may have issues with mud and water due to erosion. Retaining walls help, but can’t always control the situation completely, which means dirtier paths and patios. Regular pressure cleaning, whether it’s on a home or apartment complex, could help make your property look as good as new. 

Your Tenants No Longer Use the Facilities

Are you finding fewer tenants are using the outdoor areas like the BBQ stand and deck? Check how clean these spaces are, and you may find out why. Few people want to hang out in a space they feel unsafe or embarrassed to be seen in. 

Who wants to invite friends over to a dirty BBQ area? Give everything a thorough clean so your tenants feel welcome again. 

Summer Is Around the Corner

If you choose to do one annual cleaning, make it in spring. Summer is when we’re most active outdoors, so it’s good for the common areas to look their best. That way, your tenants get full use out of the pool, deck, and other facilities and feel like their rent is worthwhile. 

What’s more, spring is the time of year when organic growth like algae and mold become active again. Rinsing the roof in summer prevents those spores from taking hold. 

Contact Baltimore Pressure Washers Today!

Whether you run a small complex with one story or a multi-story behemoth, we’re your team for apartment complex pressure washing services in town. Call Baltimore Pressure Washers to rejuvenate every exterior surface, from the walkway to the roof. Reach out by calling (443) 672-5790 for your free estimate. 

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